• Rabu, 18 Januari 2017
Kategori : Our Services

ArmiPro Global Logistik specializes in Land Transportation Services between Jawa – Sumatra – Kalimantan-Sulawesi and other region in the country. The experience and knowledge of our dedicated staff in the area of Land & Intermodal Transportation enables ArmiPro Global Logistik to respond professionally and appropriately to all kind of complex and un-usual transportation needs. One of ArmiPro Global Logisitik specialized activities is RIG MOVING SERVICES.

Our Smart concept , which enables our customers to benefit from considerable savings in hiring or purchasing equipment for the transportation of their goods from one location to other location or destination.

Our services extend beyond just moving acargofrom point A to point B, but we handle on Difficult Position mostly and especially on Oil Drilling Project Location are routine matters of our business.

Besides common transportation, ArmiPro Global Logistik serves, dangerous cargo, temperature controlled commodities and the transportation of over-sized and heavy cargo with an equal efficiency.

Our Land Services include:

  • Truck& Rail transportation
  • Rig Moving Services
  • Standard security of the cargo.
  • Daily position reporting on the movement of cargo
  • Tank containers and Swap Bodies.
  • Pre and post handling facilities